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Allowing horses to be horses whilst receiving total care

Services Offered

When a new horse is about to join us, we discuss with the owner how we can best provide for your horse, to ensure that he/she receives the highest quality care and attention that we can possibly provide. After all, no one knows your horse better than you

When a new horse is about to join us, we discuss with the owner how we can best provide for your horse, to ensure that he/she receives the highest quality care and attention that we can possibly provide. After all, no one knows your horse better than you.

Horse in Stable


  • Own stable
  • Bespoke hay bars
  • Fresh water (no automatic drinkers in stables)
  • Stables all at least 12x12' or 12x15'
  • Concrete floors
  • Rubber lined to help prevent injury and minimise the risk of disease
  • Daily mucking out & bedding
  • Stables all allow socialisation between adjoining stables & full view of other horses

Companionship & Grazing

  • Placed in small groups to best suit each individuals needs
  • Grouped according to age, size, friendship & grazing requirements
  • Best option is always discussed in advance with the owner
  • Progress is monitored on a daily basis
  • Individual paddocks & special laminatic paddocks if required
  • All horses can see and groom other horses even if turned out alone
  • Outdoor exercise yards on hard standing are available
Horses Grazing in Paddock
Horses Laying in Stable

Care & Grooming

  • We change rugs/fly sheets as & when needed
  • We arrange and tend to your horse during visits ie vet, farrier etc
  • We administer any medication & dressings as required
  • We administer the worming programme & worm as needed
  • Horses are groomed as and when needed & hooves picked out regularly
  • Legs are washed & dried when coming in from muddy fields
  • We trim & tidy as necessary
  • Weights are monitored & recorded throughout the year in the horses personal care plan
  • Clipping is available on-site by ourselves as an extra

Grassland Management

  • Use of the farms Agronomist to ensure the land is kept in best order
  • Soil & forage is analysed for nutritional value throughout the year
  • Ensuring pastures are kept in excellent condition
  • Ensuring that horses maintain a healthy & nutritious diet
  • Haylage is all made by ourselves to ensure quality
  • Straw in baled by ourselves to ensure quality
Grassland Management


  • All the horses are fed according to their individual needs
  • TopSpec supply & manufacturer most of our feeds
  • Nutritional advice is readily available
  • Horses are weighed on weigh bridge regularly
  • Hay & haylage are fed according to individual need

Wash Box

  • Our modern, well lit wash box is available to all horses in our care as needed
  • Hot water shower
  • All horses utilise this facility at some point throughout the year
Wash Box
Horses Grazing

Bio Security

  • Our duty of care lies totally with the horses in our care, on this yard
  • We take bio security extremely seriously
  • Flu & Tetanus jabs on an annual basis
  • Strangles blood test & copy of test certificate must be provided
  • New horses are closely monitored & isolated for a period of time


  • Every new horse arriving at the yard is worm counted & wormed if necessary
  • Routine worming plan in place
  • Worm counted at specific intervals throughout the year
  • Only wormed with the correct wormer if necessary
  • Our vets have kindly put together a bespoke worming plan specifically for us
  • Vet advice on hand if required


  • We are fully insured
  • It is the responsibility of each owner to provide Public Liability Insurance to cover their own horse
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance should be provided to us
  • If this is not already in place, the BHS gold membership offers good cover and value for money
  • It is up to each individual horse owner to decide if they wish to insure/continue to insure their horse

Support Team

We work closely with a fantastic team of people to support us, who care for the equines in our care as much as we do. Together we aim to provide the best care for each and every horse here.


  • Rainbow Equine Hospital - our vets for over 30 years
  • A client not a referral
  • State of the art equipment & facilities
  • Great on-site vets with who we work closely with 24/7
  • Specialist staff available at the hospital
  • Only 20 minutes away from us


  • Mark Thorne BEVA/BVDA
  • Our Equine Dentist for almost 20 years
  • Regular planned visits throughout the year
  • With/without sedation
  • Works closely with our vets should hospital treatment be required


  • Jason Richardson AWCF Master Farrier
  • Our Farrier for many years
  • Remedial work if needed
  • On-site as a 3 weekly routine
  • Sees all the horses on a 6 weekly routine if needed
  • Available in emergency

Nutritionalist & Feed

  • Topspec manufacturer & supply most of the feed that we use
  • Nutritional advice whenever needed
  • Topspec visit the yard to weigh & discuss each individual horse/pony

We also arrange visits as and when needed from Equine Genital Hygienist, Chiropractor & Sports Massage.

Keeping you informed

  • We have a fantastic website
  • We are live on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We are always available on the telephone and WhatsApp
  • We regularly send photos & videos of your horse privately to our owners

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