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Allowing horses to be horses whilst receiving total care


When I moved to Turkey I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to leave my beloved 28 year old pony Katy and find her a good home to begin her retirement. Luckily Yorkshire Equine was recommended to me.

Joe and I spent a lot of time on the phone, mainly me crying while Joe supported me. The care she receives is second to none. Her every need is met, which is a relief. However, the love she gets from everyone there is immeasurable. No money can buy that. Joe and her team are angels.

She is part of their family and is so happy. The hardest decision of my life has ended up one of the best things I could have done for my girl.

Fiona Gill

It absolutely broke my heart to have to look for a new home for my 'stroppy' mare but at the first visit I was totally at ease and knew it was the right place to move her to.

She moved in May 2021 and settled right in. She is looked after to the highest standards by Joe & Annabelle and I know she is in the best hands to see out her retirement.

I miss her so much but I get regular updates and photos/videos and I can visit anytime.

Just a wonderful place.

Jill Winterburn

I'd highly recommend Yorkshire Equine Retirement Livery to anyone. Joe and Annabelle are very knowledgeable, attentive, and really treat every horse as part of the family. I'd searched high and low for a retirement livery option to suit my horse and he truly fell in to the lap of luxury!

If you want you hairy friend, young or old, to be looked after to the highest standard, then look no further! Joe and Annabelle really cater to any needs and the facilities are top notch! Joe really does think of everything, keeps owners informed and her attention to detail is second to none!

I could not think of a better place for my golden oldie to spend his retirement. In addition, to it being my future port of call for holiday, rehab or youngstock livery! Yorkshire Retirement Livery really does it all!

Sam CP

I was apprehensive about moving my homebred mare of 23yrs old from somewhere she has pretty much lived her whole life, but it's the best decision I ever made for her.

From day one, Joe and Annabelle have made sure she was settled. From matching her to the right horse in the field to what she eats. Keeping me updated on how she was doing. The best thing is she is treated like one of their own and they let horses be horses.

They now know her inside out and know her little quirks. She's been there 9 months now and you would think she'd been there all her life.

The fields are spotless and she has a lovely big new stable. What more could I have asked for her. I'd recommend to anyone.

Debbie Holmes

Making the decision to move my girl to a retirement livery was one of the most heart aching things I have ever had to do.When I first spoke with Joe over the phone and she told me they had availability to take my mare I burst into tears, not knowing how she would settle and if she would cope as she's been with me for 21 years.

Joe was very reassuring and got everything I said about my horses quirks. The day she was moved went better than I ever expected, walked into the stable like she lived there her whole life.

Joe and Annabelle have so much time and dedication to get to know the horses, try different things so the horse is happy, and the most important thing to me is they update straight away if they are worried.

All I wanted for my horse was to be happy and she is, I can't thank Joe, Andrew and Annabelle for everything they do.

Amy Campbell

Fantastic set up with so much attention paid to the welfare of their visiting horse. It is by far the best place I've ever seen.

Well done ladies, keep up the good work.

Mandy Sanderson, Longacres Stud

Retiring my princess to Yorkshire Equine Youngstock & Retirement Livery might just have been one of my best ever life decisions.

The whole family ensure her every need is attended to and I never worry about her as I know 100% she is in the best possible hands with Joe and Annabelle.

I love to visit and see just how happy my Connie is even though when she has munched the carrots I take she is far too busy and has to get back to her mates who are far more interesting than me.

Janet McDougall

It was a big decision entrusting my boys care to someone else, Stanley was being retire and Dinky recovering from injury.

I visited Joe and Annabelle and immediately knew on meeting them that this was the place for the boys. The professional way they ran the yard the experience and knowledge they had and the care they gave those horses placed with them was second to none.

My boys are relaxed, happy and enjoying life and I'm one happy owner knowing they are there.

Thanks so much for your care for them, I know they are in safe hands.

Val Elliott

Moving my horse to Yorkshire Equine Retirement Livery was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make. the thought of not being able to see my special boy everyday was heart breaking.

Very quickly I realised how happy he was, he had lovely new friends his own age, a beautiful place to live and the best care a horse could possibly want.

Joe and Annabelle are fantastic at what they do and I cannot thank them enough, for all of the support and care they gave myself and my horse.

I got amazing pictures and videos on a very regular basis and I am always made to feel very welcome when I go to visit... a happy horse makes a happy owner!

Jo-Ann Holgate

Highly recommended Yorkshire Equine Youngstock & Retirement livery yard. Horses all look so happy and relaxed in similar small groups.

Every horse/pony looked a picture of health.

The Beckett family obviously put a lot of time and effort into the care of these horses and the quality of the paddock/fencing/stabling is second to none.

Very Impressive.

Carole Taylor

Highly recommend 5 star service.

My filly arrived from Finland one early Sunday morning. Before I even got to the yard Joe had dealt with the transport company. Filly was in a cosy stable eating hay and warm mash. Her temperature has been taken and poo smaple was in the post!!! Very professional.

Joe and Annabelle treat every horse with love and care! Everything is organised by them. Vets, Farrier etc. Joe keeps me up to date with everything.

As an owner, you don't have to worry about anything! You can just turn up to visit your happy horse!

Pauline Swindells Eventing

Joe and Annabelle are very knowledgeable and passionate about all the horses and ponies in their care.

Our beloved equines are treated like their own and monitored for any additional needs they require. I was so nervous about putting my retired ex racer in to livery so far from home but it is the best decision I could have made for Bailey.

He has live at Yorkshire Equine Youngstock & Retirement Livery since March 2021 and he is so happy and contented living in a small herd just being a horse.

Recently he needed a veterinary procedure and received the best aftercare by all making his recovery successful and swift.

I take great comfort and peace of mind knowing my special boy is living his best retirement with excellent care and lots of cuddles still. Thank you.

Di Wilson

Horses lucky enough to be at Livery here will be extremely well cared for.

My horse has been looked after by Joe several times in the past whilst I have been on holiday and I have been very pleased with how she was cared for.

A very knowledgeable and experienced horsewoman that I would highly recommend.

Christine Illingworth

Joe & Annabelle worked for us looking after our team of Friesians, turning them out and caring for them to a very high standard for the commercial and filming work that they did.

When we retired from business Joe started to set her existing yard up as a retirement home for horses. The care in all the building of this, from stables to fields with every requirement each horses needs being covered is second to none.

All the horses who reside at this farm live in luxury.

Dave & Sarita Setterington - Riverside Carriages

Highly recommend Yorkshire Retirement Livery, fantastic new stable block with all mod cons.

Lovely turnout paddocks and nice peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and quiet location.

If you want your retired friend to be looked after to the highest standards then this is the place for you!

The owner is very experienced and knowlegable and I can assure you they will take care of your horse/pony as if it were their own!

Attention to detail is second to none.

Carole Taylor

A very knowledgeable and competent service, offering high standards of care which is much required.

A lovely family environment too.

Georgie Webb - G&T Saddles

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